Top 55 Useful Google Scripts <3

This is really a collection of typically the most popular Google Scripts for Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Forms, Docs, Sheets along with Google services.

Google Scripts offer programmatic use of most Google products including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Analytics, Google Contacts, Calendar, Maps and Google Analytics. The Google scripts are developed in regular JavaScript language and perhaps they are hosted on Google’s servers.


Most Useful Google Apps Scripts

Here’s an always-updated assortment of Google Scripts that may help you do more together with your favorite Google products. And you don’t ought to be programmer to utilize any of these scripts.

  1. Files Permissions Explorer – See who has having access to your shared files and folders in Google Drive and if they view or edit permissions.
  2. Google Form File Uploads – You can receive files directly inside your Google Drive from anyone through HTML forms designed with HTMLService.
  3. Mail Merge with Gmail – Send personalized emails to your contacts while using the Gmail Merge add-on.
    Send to Google Drive – You can useful Email and Gmail attachments right to Google Drive together with the Save Emails add-on.
  4. Retweet & Favorite Bot – Another Twitter bot designed in Google Scripts which will auto-retweet matching tweets.
  5. Gmail Autoresponder – Reply to a number of email messages with your Gmail using pre-written email templates.
  6. Website Uptime Monitor – Receive instant email and SMS alerts if your websites decreases. You can monitor all of your web domains without cost.
  7. Amazon Price Tracker – Keep track of prices of one’s favorite products on Amazon and have email alerts in the event the prices go lower or up.
  8. Gmail Unsubscriber – Automatically unsubscribe your email from mailing lists and bulk emails.
  9. Read Receipts in Gmail – Use Apps Script and Google Analytics to trace your outgoing Gmail messages and obtain notified when folks open and study your email.
  10. Advanced Gmail Filters – Have more treating the criteria for sorting incoming messages with your Gmail.
  11. Send Google Spreadsheets as PDF – You can setup a recurring task that may convert your spreadsheet to PDF
    and email to specific recipients per schedule.
  12. Download Tweets Permanently – specify any hashtag and also the script will download and save all matching tweets to your spreadsheet.
  13. Schedule Gmail Emails – You can write the emails now and send them later at any time and date with Apps Script and Google Sheets.
  14. Sell Digital Products Online – Use a mixture of PayPal and Google Drive to arrange your own digital use the internet.
  15. Save Google Voicemails as MP3 – The web app will automatically copy the MP3 of one’s Google voice mail messages from Gmail to Google Drive.
  16. Gravity Forms to Google Sheets – Write a Google Script that can save your Gravity WordPress form entries to your Google Spreadsheet without Zapier.
  17. Gmail Encrypt – You can encrypt your outgoing Gmail messages utilizing the powerful AES encryption without one will be capable of snoop your private conversations.
  18. 1-click Website Hosting – Use this Google Script to host your websites, images, podcasts along with media files on Google Drive with single click.
  19. Google Web Scraping – Import Google Search results right into a Google Spreadsheet together with the ImportXML function for analysis or export them in other formats.
  20. Flipkart & Snapdeal Price Tracker – Monitor and compare costs of items for auction on Flipkart and Snapdeal and find price alerts via email.
  21. Bullk Tweets & DMs – You can send personlized tweets and Direct Messages in mass to Twitter users from the Google Spreadsheet.
  22. Save Gmail Images – The script monitors your Gmail mailbox and may auto-save any image attachments in your Google Drive.
  23. Sort Gmail by Size – Is your Gmail mailbox running out of space. The scripts will determine every one of the bulky messages with your Gmail mailbox.
  24. Bulk Forward Gmail – The auto-forward feature in Gmail only creates incoming messages but our bulk forward script can forward even older email for your other emails.
  25. Update Google Contacts – See how your family and friends can directly add or update their unique contact information in your Google address book.
  26. Google Contacts Map – The Google Script will plot the postal address of the Google Contacts using a Google Map. You can also export this data like a KML register for Google Earth.
  27. Email Form Data – Google Forms work most effectively tool for creating online polls and surveys. The script will email you the entire form data once someone submits the design.
  28. Auto Confirmation Emails – Send confirmation emails for the user’s email after they submit a Google Form.
  29. Schedule Google Forms – Set an expiration date on your Google Form plus they’ll close automatically for a certain date.
  30. Twitter Bot – Learn how to write your individual Twitter bot that auto-responds to tweets. This particular bot queries Wolfram Alpha to respond to queries.
  31. WordPress Authentication with Google Scripts – Put anything behind a WordPress login it could be a link to download a document from Google Drive or maybe a web app created in Google Apps Script.
  32. Twitter Out-of-Office – You can cause out-of-office automatic replies for those who are trying to reach you via Twitter and in addition they wouldn’t expect an answer from you immediately.
  33. SMS Alerts for Gmail – You can receive SMS text alerts for important incoming messages with your Gmail by connecting your mailbox which has a private Twitter account.
  34. Extract Email Addresses – The script scans your mailbox and fosters a list of contact information of people who previously communicated to you. Useful for building your marketing with email lists.
  35. Transfer Gmail – Moving with a different email address contact information? The script will automatically copy all your emails from your old Gmail inbox to an alternative mailbox that is certainly on any web service.
  36. Reminder for starred messages – Get a daily digest which has a list of messages that you’ve got “Starred” within your Gmail mailbox and might want to follow up on them.
  37. Advanced Gmail Search – Gmail supports various search commands the good news is you can also use Regular Expressions for searching messages on Gmail.
  38. Twitter RSS Feeds – Twitter not provides RSS feeds nevertheless, you can use Google Apps Script to create your feeds for Twitter timelines, searches and lists.
  39. Google+ RSS Feeds – This Apps Script based Chrome add-on can help you generate RSS feeds for just about any Google Plus user as well as search results. Written by Eric Koleda.
  40. Translate RSS – You can translate language you are studying RSS feeds into the native language with Google Scripts and enroll in them within your favorite news reader.
  41. Gmail Label Feeder – Create a RSS feed for any of one’s Gmail labels that one could later feed into Evernote, Pocket, etc. through IFTTT. Written by Martin Hawksey.
  42. Gmail Meter – The script can help you analyze the method that you use Gmail and generates statistics like simply how much email you signal, average amount of messages, turn-around time, etc. Written by Romain Vialard.
  43. Gmail Delay Send – While you will find browser add-ons than enable you to schedule emails in Gmail, the script is a lot easier, safer along with your messages is going to be delivered over a specified starting time and date. Written by Blair Kutzman.
  44. Gmail Snooze – When you snooze a contact, it disappears from view but reappears inside inbox at some specified time inside the future. Written by Corey Goldfeder.
  45. Gmail Auto Purge – Similar to auto-sweep in Outlook, the script will automatically delete older emails from specific senders following a certain stretch of time.
  46. Gmail Clean-up – Create time-based filters in Gmail that could automatically move, archive as well as delete all messages from any particular Gmail label that happen to be older than “n” days. Written by John E. Day.
  47. Save Gmail as PDF – The script preserves the body of a communication message as being a PDF file. You can optionally send the converted PDF for your email address.
  48. Instagram Downloads – Download photos owned by specific tags from Instagram for a Google Drive with Apps Script. Written by Waqar Ahmad.
  49. GDocs2MD – The script will convert your Google Drive documents to the popular Markdown (.md) format which might be imported into several publishing platforms. Written by Renato Mangini.
  50. Gmail NoResponse – It tracks your messages in Gmail which are awaiting response and the place you may wish to send a follow-up mail. Written by Jonathan Kim
  51. Force Password Change – If you are an admin of an Google Apps domain, make use of this script to force your entire domain users to improve their passwords. Written by Waqar Ahmad.
  52. Text Browser – A Lynx-inspired browser that permits you to browse the web in text which is written using Apps Script. The browser can also be used like a proxy server to read web content.
  53. Self-destructive Messages – Send confidential messages in a very Google Sheet and also the message will disappear after it has been read.
  54. Auto-Expire Shared Folders – You can set an expiry date for ones shared folders in Google Drive as well as the shared links will automatically expire for the specified starting time and date.
  55. Reddit Scraper – Use the Reddit API with Google Scripts to download all posts from any Reddit for a Google sheet.

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