Men’s & Womens are Playing Angry Birds After Shaving and All

The hit game, Angry Birds, features a sequel: Angry Birds Rio. It’s played just like the original game: pull the sling shot back, and view the bird fly. Angle it right, and you will probably hit the boxes or cages. Once the many cages happen to be destroyed as well as the birds set free, the extent is over. Extra points are awarded for that birds you won’t use. However, use up all your birds ahead of the cages have left, and you’ve lost the extent. You can replay the amount as much as that suits you – either to transform your score or even get the hang of the sport.

Men’s & Women’s are playing Angry Birds After Shaving (Wahls Shaver) , Bathroom and All Constently Sounds Good Right? Ofcourse… After all Angry Birds is Good Game.

Angry Birds Rio

In addition to presenting to free the birds, the various birds you’re able to use during the action have something more important they is capable of doing. For example, the red bird simply impacts the cages or boxes. The blue bird might be split into three should you tap or click the screen before it impacts. The yellow bird is capable of doing a dive upon being tapped or clicked. The black bird you observe is a bomb, which might be tapped making it explode up, or you can allow it to go lie in wait for few seconds after it lands. Be careful – with such powers for the wrong time could end up in a very level failed rather than level succeeded.

Birds Gone Mad Angry Birds

Birds Gone Mad – Angry Birds!

I have absolutely no clue at first what Angry Birds were. I thought it was some sort of wild migrating birds in Discovery channel. Silly me! Everybody, young and old have gone mad over this iPhone application. Then it was spread to Android and BlackBerry phones and on to launching the Awesome Angry Birds Online. It has been continually the number one App in the iTunes market so I’ve read.

The silly story behind this was about hungry piggies got tired of eating grass so they took the eggs of the birds which had anger management problems. Silly as it sound but I find it actually cute. This made the birds angry, hence the name.

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Now, you have to actually help the birds fling on a sling by calculating where it can hit the structure where the pigs hide. It gets so frustrating when you can’t hit the piggies. By the time you know it you’re glued to it. Then you obviously keep on trying and by the time you get better, you can’t stop! What you do really is hit and destroy the fortress of the piggies. When you’re done hitting the piggies, you get to the next level. Like most of the games we play, we get points for the damaged done or destroyed. Okay, now you try it and let’s see if you won’t get glued with it!

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Angry Birds Animated Series On Television

Angry Birds Animated Series On Television

Angry Birds Animated Series On Television

Moreover, You Can View More Such Videos At Youtube Or If You are From Mobile Then Try Og Youtube For Download These Videos In HD.

I have read this online reported that “Angry Birds” will be migrating on to our televisions.The creator of this ridiculously popular game is Mikael Hed (CEO of Rovio Mobile). In which we try to calculate physics puzzles by flinging irritated birds at some structures housing cute piggies who stole their eggs. Yes, it sounds funny and looks pretty silly too.It was reported that it will soon be having an animated series. Interesting, I cannot imagine what’s it going to be like.This addictive game has stayed as the number-one paid application on iPhones in at least over 60 countries.

The game expanded rapidly last year (2010) and it’s now available on multiple platforms which included Androids, PC, traditional gaming consoles, etc,…

This game spreads like a virus and its glued to your system that you get so addicted with it. It has been leading in recent casual games that have appealed on non-traditional gaming audiences. It has been stated that it’s on the brink of becoming a cultural phenomenon. In addition there are more games like “Angry Birds Seasons,” Rovio offered a line of toys, iPhone covers, etc… inspired by the game.

Rovio partnered with classic game-makers Mattel on a board game, letting the players fling their angry birds in actual life.

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